Basic rule for playing dominoqq online

Any player, who wants to play dominoqq online, needs to know following basic rules of the game. As name suggest dominoqq is played by using dominoes as the playing cards. In each dominoes set there are 28 cards. All of these cards have certain markings on them in form of dots. These dots represent the value of that particular card.
While playing dominoqq online every player is given 4 cards. Once dealt, player has to figure out the value of his cards by diving them into two pairs. These cards can have value in between 0-9. This means minimum value can be zero whereas maximum can be 9. This means value of cards comes out to be more than 10 then player will subtract 10 from that total value and resulting answer will be the value of card. If value comes out to be more than 20 then player will perform similar process with a difference that this time 20 will be subtracted from real value.
In beginning of game, 3 cards are distributed to all the players. On basis of their cards players playing credit deposit gambling (judi deposit pulsa) can either bet or raise the bet. Any player who decides to not to follow the bet made by another player have to go for folding of his cards and he/she will not have any entitlement over the bet money.
Well when all players reached the same bet value a fourth card is given to players. Again on the basis of this card players will decide whether to raise the bet or fold their cards. Value of these four cards determines the winner of the game.
Like poker dominoqq also has some special hand or card combinations. They are known as card special.
• Value of all the four cards is 6
• When all the four cards have Balak
• When value of all four cards is more than 40. It is called Great Pure Card
• When value of all the cards does not increase a total of 9.

The game of domino qq is very popular among online gamblers who are looking to play gen poker online or situs poker online.

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