With the purchase of any new vehicle, it is important to know which Lithium golf Cart batteries will be the best for you. The owner of a golf vehicle will want the highest quality of Lithium batteries that can be used in their vehicle. A vehicle requires a certain amount of energy to propel itself from point A to point B. This energy comes primarily from a battery called a Lithium battery. Lithium batteries have been around since the 1980’s, but until recently, Lithium golf cart batteries their benefits were not fully understood.

A Lithium golf car battery pack offers the owner of the golf course greater energy efficiency. Larger capacity Lithium golf carts are almost half the weight of a standard lead acid battery, which shaved off almost two-thirds of the overall battery weight a typical golf cart would normally run with. The lighter weight allows the golf carts to accelerate faster and carry more weight with less effort, making the vehicle easier to drive for anyone who plays golf on a regular basis. And since a Lithium battery gives better overall performance, there are much less maintenance and less downtime for the user.

For golfers who play multiple games on the same day, a lead-acid battery may be the better choice for them. While the efficiency of the Lithium golf cart battery is improved, the cost of maintaining the vehicle is often even more expensive. The Lithium battery requires frequent charging and recharging, and the frequent charging requires the use of an AC source power outlet, making the use of an electrical outlet during the hours when the vehicle is not in use extremely impractical.

On the other hand, lithium golf cart batteries still require an AC source power outlet to work properly and maintain their optimal performance. Since the Lithium batteries have superior discharge rates and higher energy densities than the Lead Acid batteries, they actually perform better under pressure while the vehicle is at rest. Although, the increase in the vehicle’s carrying capacity makes it harder to recharge, the increased energy density of Lithium batteries help prevent the need to recharge frequently. As a result, a fully charged Lithium battery will provide the golfers with almost twice the amount of power they would have from a standard lead acid battery.

Both Lithium and Lead Acid batteries have their pros and cons. When choosing between the two, you should consider how often you golf and the number of charging cycles you expect to need between charging sessions. If you are like most golfers, you will probably play up to twelve or more games a week. For this type of golfer, the extra carrying capacity provided by lithium ion golf cart batteries is very useful and adds a new dimension to their game.

However, for most of us the extra driving range provided by Lithium golf carts is not worth the trade off in driving range capabilities for the extra power offered by lead acid batteries. In general, the decision between the two types of batteries is usually a matter of price and power. You will need to determine which type will provide the best value for your golfing needs.