Top survival wilderness kit

While as a prepper, you could go regularly on a day venture or hike on a backpacking trip for a week, it is always advised in preparing for the unexpected. Weather might change easily, you can lose you way, slip and get hurt, or run out of water. It is important to have a survival kit. The following are some of the essentials:
Compass and map
Technology can be a tool which is important especially when you have a GPS, but it is still necessary not to depend on the smartphone alone when you are in the backcountry and lost. Having a compass and a map in your survival kit might help in ensuring that you find back your way to the trailhead. But, the tools are only reliable if you are able to use them.
First aid kit
While small antibacterial ointment and bandages are great to have, if you are on a trip of backpacking which is long, it is important to carry with you the triangle bandage and gauze for compression purposes. The items are for injuries that are serious and can be utilized with the splint for a makeshift.
Signal mirror
You don’t want to be in a situation where you become exhausted or a signal that is far away that you are lost and you are in need of help. Most of the signal mirror signals can be seen up to about 15 miles away. If happens to be a sunny day and clear, a signaling mirror is a way that is effective in gaining attention of the first responder. Most compasses do have a mirror, and thus, allow you not to go for an extra mirror and thus save on space and money of buying a mirror

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