Pathways Can Help on the Road to Recovery

As the premier supervised type living facility in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Pathways Foundation Inc. is forging new ground. What truly sets the Pathways Foundation apart from other similar organizations is that we are a nonprofit organization that offers support and transitional type living accommodations for men in search of recovery solutions from drugs and alcohol related addictions. The primary goal of pathways is to offer a stable and trusted living environment that is based on supervised type living arrangements.

Building a Solid Foundation

One of the nicest advantages of Pathways is that residents can always feel free to seek help, assistance and guidance on their journey to becoming completely and proudly drug-free. By building a solid foundation and instilling attainable values in residents that result in a sober and enjoyable life, the Pathways program allows people to become a more productive part of society. Another important element of Pathways that sets this nurturing environment apart from other similar programs is its atmosphere of incredible support and safety that is always its primary goal.

Sober and Friendly Living Environment

Further, it is the belief of Pathways that not all recovery houses are the same. The Pathways experience offers a variety of programs focused on a sober and friendly living environment. Integrity is the main tenant of the program and is at the core of skilled development programs, job selection and placement, as well as court directed compliance assistance. In addition, the Pathways program offers the traditional 12-step program and a wide range of group support gatherings. The Pathways Foundation provides a variety of recovery houses that are situated close to public transportation in and around the metropolitan Pittsburgh community.

Complete Freedom

The Pathways program always puts residents needs first and recognizes the importance of achieving complete freedom from a variety of addictions. Additionally, the Pathways program makes it clear to residents that the journey for independence begins with accountability and trust. Many previous and existing pathways residence would agree that a brighter and more exciting future awaits those who achieve their goals of becoming drug and alcohol free. It is important to note that residents must be employed, take random drug tests and attend school or vocational type training to participate in this exciting and life-changing program.

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