Changing locks is not similar to re-keying. This requires more of an expert and is quite a process too. While re-keying might take 10-20 minutes, Car locksmith or change could take a much longer time.

The time the locksmith takes to change your lock depends on a lot of things; whether it is windows or door locks, the design of the lock, the type you are installing, and more.

Standard cylinders are the easiest and may take anywhere from 10 to 20 minutes. Complete UPVC doors might take up to 40 minutes, while timber doors may take up to 45 minutes. Averagely, a full lock replacement can go up to 60 minutes.
When to Change Locks

So when and for what reason do you change your locks? There are multiple reasons why you might want to change your locks, two of the main ones being for security purposes or just preferences;

● You may want your locks in different colors, styles, and designs. This most especially applies when you move to a new house and the locks look old and rusty. You might want to change them to new locks.

● Changing locks might also happen when you are upgrading your security system, probably too smart locks and such.

● If you want to use the same key on all your locks, you might need to change your locks. Re-keying may be ideal on this, but only if you have locks of the same brand and/ or keyhole. Otherwise, you will need to change all your locks to the same brand.

Changing locks could be an expensive investment because you have to buy all the new parts of a lock and still have to pay for the locksmith services. Always make sure that you only take this step when it is necessary and there is an absolute need to, and when you do, make sure to get the best locksmith.